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About Us

We are innovative. We are skilled. We are different.

How are we different from the hundreds of other firms who claim to the same thing? Our background and expertise make the difference.

Our management team members have 40+ years of combined technology management and architecture experience. Our team consists of PMP certified Project Managers and seasoned professionals who have held technology management positions in Fortune 100 corporations like JP Morgan Chase and Sterling Commerce (now IBM). Our expertise is really in offering enterprise-level solutions at a fraction of the price you would pay other companies with the same level of experience and competence. We know how to develop large applications and manage enterprise software.

We help small to medium sized businesses (revenue less than $100 million) improve operational efficiency and automate business processes to get them poised for exponential growth – reduce costs by exploring how you can make your software applications talk to each other or reducing manual steps so that less staff is needed to do the same thing.

Our in-depth analytical and forward-thinking skills make us different.

Cybervation President founded CoolTechGirls, a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) initiative to educate, empower and provide technology training to young girls.