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Our experienced software development professionals can take your ideas and turn them into reality. We analyze your business processes, suggest improvements based on nearly 20 years of corporate projects experience and implement fully customized technical solutions to help your business run more efficiently.

Our custom solutions are developed with emphasis on compatibility, extensibility, fault-tolerance, maintainability, reliability, reusability and security.

ProPortal - Virtual Mentoring Software

ProPortal is a virtual mentoring platform developed for Dublin School District, Dublin, Ohio. It consists of a web portal that serves as a communication platform for students to work with mentors under teacher guidance. Students can post questions regarding any subject and after approval from a teacher, the system will match with any registered mentor. Once the mentor accepts the invitation to participate in the project, students and mentors can communicate by exchanging messages and documents. All messages are stored in the database and necessary actions (like blocking or deleting) are taken for inappropriate exchanges. There are many security measures implemented to ensure that students, teachers and mentors communicate in a cordial and professional manner.

This project is part of Straight A Grant from State of Ohio.

WannaScribe - Transcription Workflow Management

WannaScribe is a suite of web-based and mobile software applications that make transcription process simple, secure and easy to manage. Since it is web-based, it can be used by Medical, Business or Legal Transcriptionists in the U.S. or anywhere in the world. It is a secure platform with strong data encryption features. It allows easy one-click file upload and download, smooth workflow and detailed reporting of all phases of the transcription process. Once files are uploaded and completed, email notifications are sent to impacted parties for further action. A highly-efficient queue management mechanism ensures files are handled on time by the right people with status recorded every step of the way. Real-time status reporting of documents and turn-around-time helps keep track of the entire process easily. Invoices are automatically generated based on data from the database which ensures accuracy and speed.

NeedNexus - Buyer and Provider Matching Portal

NeedNexus is a website that matches consumers with service providers through an easy bid/quote submission interface. At the backend, it has a complex set of features that allows Buyers to post their needs and service providers to submit their quote/bid. The entire bidding process is kept anonymous to allow for fair bidding practices. Based on the bids submitted, the Buyer has the option to select one that seems to fit the best. Advanced features such as Bid countdown, internal messaging, “Buy Now” option to end the bidding process and buy the need, and many others make it a comprehensive feature-rich platform. Service Providers can be rated in the system based on their performance, they can create their own listing page and have enhanced features based on their membership level.

VAULT - Company Portal

VAULT portal was developed for a language interpretation & translation company that provides multilingual translation services to a diverse range of corporations globally. The goal of this project was to create a company portal for centralized reporting and a mobile app to track time attendance of interpreters working at clients’ onsite locations. Multiple interfaces were developed between translation workflow and time attendance systems with different technologies to create a unified view for the backend data for reports and analysis. The mobile application enabled real-time clock-in and clock-out of interpreters working remotely.