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Documentation and Transcription

Cybervation offers responsive, accurate and cost-effective documentation and transcription services that convert almost any audio or video file to editable electronic documents. You may integrate your transcribed text and video content on websites, blogs and social media channels.

Digital transcription service is more difficult than one might imagine. Typing every word you hear requires special skills and talent. We offer two types of transcription: strict verbatim (all partial words, expressions "umm, ahh and hmm") and cleaned up verbatim (complete sentences, without expressive language). Consider the fact that every recorded statement is unique, each presenting a different set of challenges: foreign accents, regional accents, unique dialects and idiosyncrasies, with rambling and disjointed thoughts, soft or whispered speaking, telephone line noise, and crosstalk between participants, just to name a few.

With more than 10 years of experience in medical transcription, business transcription and many other areas, with single dedicated Project Managers at our headquarters in Columbus, Ohio and response times from 1-24 hours, we make it an easy choice to be your transcription provider. We will work with your existing word processing templates and can help you create standard templates that suit your preferences for delivery of your files.

  • Medical/

    We offer medical transcription and EMR integration... More

  • Business

    Whatever area of business your transcriptions involve, we can assign a specialist transcriber... More

  • Broadcast Media/

    Media transcription involves the verbatim... More

  • Insurance

    Insurance transcription services are important to detect and correct fraud... More

  • Legal

    Each step of every proceeding that takes place in civil and criminal court... More

Supported Audio, Video File Formats (PAGE)


  • AMR

  • AVI

  • CAF

  • DSS, DS2

  • DVD

  • DVF

  • MP2, MP3, MP4, M4A

  • MSV

  • QuickTime, MOV

  • WAV

  • DSS, DS2

  • Webex

  • WMA, WMV

  • All other popular audio and video formats