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Mobile Apps

With mobile device usage increasing day after day, it is really important that you offer your clients the mobile tools necessary to run their business easier and faster. We provide mobile app design and development for both Android and iOS that enable businesses to offer their products and services to customers on-the-go. Our mobile apps can be developed using GPS positioning and tracking capabilities and combined with sophisticated database capabilities.


Fan Kinect is a unique social media app connecting fans with celebrities. It provides validity and accuracy to celebrities who want to connect with fans in a more personal and authentic way. After downloading, celebrities and fans need to register to use the app. It displays popular posts and articles, local celebrities who are trending based on GPS-driven location and an authenticated manner of verifying posts and articles. Social media integration makes the app attractive and useful.

Cybervation developed FanKinect mobile app
Kickmaster Foot Golf

FootGolf is a new innovative game combining two of the world’s most popular sports, soccer and golf. The client, KickMaster, is building the world’s first FootGolf course. The game app simulates the actual course with sand traps, lakes and water traps. Players can play the game on their mobile devices. The game has complex physics and logic for wind effects. Attractive sounds for game actions make it very exciting. Also included is an internal scorecard and options for in-app purchases and add-ons.

Cybervation designed Kickmaster FootGolf mobile app
Mr. Taxes

We developed a Tax Return mobile app that allows customers to download an app, fill out tax related information and submit so that a tax professional can review the information and contact them to prepare their tax return. The app collected a variety of information related to demographics, filing status, income levels, etc. that allowed the tax professionals to handle and manage the tax return appropriately. Pictures of W-2 and other forms can be taken and uploaded during the data entry and submission process.

Cybervation developed Mr.Taxes mobile app

FundSaver is a GPS-enabled mobile application that allows consumers to search for coupons and deals in many categories like restaurants, entertainment, retail, etc. and redeem them. The application uses the current location to determine merchants that are in close proximity and displays the coupons based on distance. Merchants can upload coupons and offers through a secure web application that the mobile application queries real-time. Search and redemption data is stored in the database for business intelligence and data analytics. Merchants can run advanced reports and charts to provide insights on consumer spending patterns.

Cybervation developed FundSaver mobile app